Monday, August 1, 2016

Grant’s 1st birthday party!

We had Grant’s birthday party the day after his birthday. We kept it fairly low key with just family. We also had a family graduation party that night so it was a day full of partying!!!


When Grant figured out the day was about him, he pretty much hammed it up all day. He certainly doesn’t mind being the center of attention, at all!IMG_5401

He was definitely ready to jump into cakes!! He’s his momma’s boy for sure!IMG_5488


I love watching babies eat their smash cakes. They all approach it so differently. Grant pretty much attacked his.IMG_5520

You mean this is all for me?!!!IMG_5522IMG_5524IMG_5540IMG_5547IMG_5555

When using your hands isn’t cutting it, just put your face in it.IMG_5561

Or pick the whole thing up!IMG_5567

This makes me laugh because it looks like he’s scared someone is going to take it away from him.IMG_5565IMG_5566IMG_5567IMG_5570IMG_5577IMG_5579IMG_5583IMG_5585IMG_5589IMG_5596IMG_5598IMG_5620IMG_5622

I’d say he smashed that up pretty well! We had a wonderful day celebrating him. It’s crazy that already two months have passed since this, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun!


  1. Awesome pics and I love his shirt.

  2. I love how he truly smashed his smash cake, so sweet! Happy (belated) birthday, Grant!

  3. What a cutie!! Cute theme too!!

  4. Great pics! I wish I could eat cake like that :)


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