Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trip to the Bahamas: Part 1

Several months ago, I suggested to Zach that we should take a trip this summer to celebrate our 10 year anniversary a few months early. Our anniversary isn’t until November, but logistically, with the kids and Zach’s job, it was easier to do that during the summer.

At first, Zach was hesitant. But after about 2 hours I had him on board and the planning started!!!! We mainly chose the Bahamas because it was an island we could get to fairly easily with little travel time which was what we wanted.

We sent the kiddos off to my parents house the Friday before we left, and we got up early the next morning to start our marathon day of traveling.IMG_7155IMG_7157

We had like a nine hour layover in Atlanta and after trying to change our flights and not having luck, we settled in for the long haul. However, being there all day meant I got to meet my dear friend, Jodi. Jodi lives about 15 minutes from the airport, and we have been friends for the last 5 years or so and she is one of my dearest friends, even though we had never met. It was the BEST getting to spend a couple hours with her. We talked and the hours passed way too fast!!! I’m SO glad we finally got to meet!


Our flight finally took off and we were Bahamas bound!IMG_7167IMG_7168IMG_7169

When we landed, we went through customs, got our bags, and were at our resort like 30 minutes after we landed. It went so smoothly! When we got there, we were met with glasses of champagne, and we checked in, went to our room and then headed to dinner b/c we were starving!IMG_7175

Since it was dark when we arrived, we didn’t get to see much and when we woke up on Sunday, we woke up in paradise!!!!!IMG_7194

We went and reserved some chairs on the beach, headed to breakfast, and then hit the beach for the day!!!!IMG_7195IMG_7198

We lounged and swam in the ocean in the morning, and that afternoon, took the boat out to the resort’s private island!IMG_7209IMG_7212

We swam while on the island and scoped out the cabanas they had there so we could go early the next day!

We headed back to our room later that day and slowly got ready for dinner. It was HOT there so it was nice to spend some time indoors.


Zach was excited one of the restaurants had sushi, so we stopped and had a quick sushi appetizer before heading to the restuarant we had chosen for dinner.


After dinner we wandered around the property and found some lounge chairs by a fire pit. We called the kids and enjoyed the peacefulness of the whole place.IMG_7230

I laughed that my hair there reminded me of Monica from FRIENDS when they went to Barbados. It was definitely a #bighairdontcare week!IMG_7234

So those were our first two days. I’ll recap the rest of the days in another post!!


  1. Looks amazing!! Always wonderful to just have some couple time!

  2. I was married at that resort (super long story.....). The private island was my FAVORITE place to spend the day. Looks like you had a blast! Cheers to 10 years!

  3. How fun! Everything looks amazing! I can see Reed in you in that last picture.


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