Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trip to the Bahamas: Part 2

The Monday morning we were there was the 4th of July! We were sad to miss this day with our kiddos, as that’s Ava’s favorite holiday. They had fun and got to enjoy fireworks though, so they didn’t miss us too much!

That morning we started out with a beautiful breakfast view! I loved this restaurant for the ambience. The food was amazing, too!IMG_7235IMG_7236

I think Zach cringed every time I asked someone to take our picture!!! Winking smile


We took the first boat out to the offshore island and snagged the perfect spot. We had a large cabana and the perfect view!!IMG_7244

The offshore island had a pool, a bar, and a restaurant. This was our view during lunch that day. Not too shabby!IMG_7245IMG_7246IMG_7247IMG_7248IMG_7249

The bartenders were serving a fun red, white, and blue drink that day! It was really good!!! It didn’t make my list of top three, but it was still very good!!


The resort had a pizzeria where you could order a mini pizza and take it in a box and eat wherever. We enjoyed sharing one of these each day!IMG_7256

While we were having fun, the kids were decked out in their red, white and blue at home!!! IMG_7259

That night we had a reservation at the Japanese restaurant. It was hibachi style and it was so fun! We had a great time!IMG_7265

After dinner, we strolled around and then sat on the pier and watched the sunset. After sunset, we got to watch an amazing fireworks show!IMG_7276IMG_7279

One of the best parts of the trips was the food! ha! I loved showing up, eating, and then walking away! I’d love to have another of these omelets! IMG_7314

We spent the day just relaxing and lounging. The views everywhere you went were absolutely gorgeous. I miss it.IMG_7315IMG_7316

One of the BEST parts of the trip for me was seeing Zach SO relaxed. He works so hard all the time, and goes non-stop, and it was great just seeing him so laid back and enjoying himself. I was pretty relaxed, too! Winking smile


That afternoon, we went and took out a Hobie cat. We loved being out on the water and enjoying the breeze and water!IMG_7331IMG_7332IMG_7335IMG_7337

This was one of my top five favorite foods there – it was a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and the top  cookie had been dipped in c+

hocolate. Mmmmmmm!!!! IMG_7342

Look at that water in the background?! isn’t it gorgeous???!IMG_7344

That night we went to a cocktail reception and dinner for returning guests. They had a meal, some awards for people who’d stayed a bunch of nights and some freebies. This was probably the best meal we had there. It was delicious!!!!!!IMG_7366IMG_7367IMG_7368IMG_7371

We’re almost through. I have one more day and the trip home to get through! Recapping all this makes me want to go back now!!!!


  1. You made me hungry (and in need of a beach vacation!) lol! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  2. Your comment about showing up to eat and then walking away made me laugh so hard! We just took a trip to the Bahamas too and while ALL of it was amazing, not having to cook/clean/think of food for anyone all week was VERY high on the list!! HA!


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